At a time when technology has become one of the basics of life because it is linked to a number of basic services on a daily basis such as work, education and health, its presence has become important in every home and every individual. Which made it easy and fast for children and young people to access it, and like the real world, there is an undesirable side to this virtual world, such as the unethical content and use of this medium, and cyberbullying is one of the most prominent problems of the modern era related to technology, which extends its impact on people’s lives to cause problems, some of which lead to behavior disorder..

Game Changers

An integrated program that starts with the stage of intensive training and ends with the stage of acceptance or employment. The project aims to attract the best institutes in the field of electronic games design to provide a program to train and qualify national cadres academically and practically in the field of electronic games industry. Startup companies emerging from this program will be accepted in a local business accelerator, through which various support programs are provided to backup startups that are compatible with the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Saudi Vision 2030. ..

Digital Innovation Award

The Digital Innovation Award enhances the culture of innovation, digital research and development, developing digital capabilities and improving the concept of entrepreneurship. This is achieved by motivating researchers and digital patent holders and working to transform research projects and digital inventions into digital business models that can become entrepreneurial business opportunities. .

Technology Entrepreneurs

Technology Entrepreneurs is a virtual program that encourages finding technical solutions to highlight the potential of the future. This program supports entrepreneurs to develop new ideas in the business incubator track and facilitates the development of emerging projects in the accelerator track. ..

Digital Challenges

A series of challenges focused on emerging technologies. Each challenge consists of several stages and has its own technology..

The "Arabic Calligraphy" Year Initiative

This initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Culture, aims to highlight "Arabic calligraphy" as an art in its own, spread the culture of its use, promote its practices at the level of institutions and individuals, and to unify the efforts of sectors and individual initiatives for its service..