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Women's Empowerment

The Ministry attaches great importance to empowering women in the communications and information technology sector by qualifying female cadres in the field of digital transformation and actively stimulating their participation in the labor market. Empowering women is one of the pillars of the communications and information technology sector strategy, through which we aim to build a digital system that embraces, develops, and attracts women's minds and skills in support of the digital transformation process and increasing the sustainability of quality work opportunities for women, in the positions of communication and information technology.

The women empowerment program consists of the following axes:

Raise awareness

This pillar aims to spread digital knowledge of women and increase the social and economic impact and raise awareness about the opportunities available to women in the communications and information technology sector, through the establishment of many events, awareness campaigns and forums for women .

Digital Skills Development

This pillar is concerned with training and qualifying women in digital and future skills to bridge the gap in the labor market by launching training programs in several modern, traditional and emerging technical fields in various regions of the Kingdom..

Innovation and entrepreneurship

In this pillar, we aim to enable women entrepreneurs in the communications and information technology sector to innovate and launch their technical projects by providing training, business accelerators and incubators, and facilitating access to markets, financing, technologies, attractive legislation, qualified digital talent and entrepreneurial societies. .

Increasing women's participation in the sector

One of the most important goals of the Women Empowerment Program in the Communication and Information Technology Sector is to increase women participation in the labor market by implementing programs and initiatives to support employment and create job opportunities for women in the sector..