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Dr. Ibrahim bin Mahmoud Babelli

Deputy Minister For Planning And Vision Realization

Dr. Ibrahim received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from King Saud University, and his Master's and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University. Dr. Ibrahim has over 33 years of experience, during which he worked in research and development for eleven years in both government and private research centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, France, UK and USA. Then he worked in the field of strategic planning, implementation, and consultancy, in the public and private sectors. He founded and headed the strategy sector in the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, then worked as Undersecretary for Sectorial Development, Ministry of Economy and Planning and was also a board member for several companies and private government bodies. He was also the CEO and Vice Chairman of Sami Holding Company.


Before joining the ministry, he oversaw the development and implementation of a number of national strategies. He led the efforts that resulted in the establishment of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, the Saudi Irrigation Organization and the Saudi Space Commission. He directly led the establishment of the National Center for Strategic Development Studies and headed the center in its foundational phase.